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1895: Arrival of Dionisio Foianini Ioli from Italy to Santa Cruz.
1897: He married Carmen Montero Banzer.

They established their home in the big house No. 24 Calle Sucre at the corner of the main plaza.

1905: There they founded "Hotel Comercio", which had a restaurant, cooking delicacies by a Swiss chef , who prepared a French style menu and a Peruvian chef Moncada, who worked under the constant supervision of the grandmother Carmen. It offered home made port wine, made from Argentina raisins, and German-style sauerkraut with sausages with homemade noodles. There was also on the backyard unrefined whole cane sugar and a coffee seeds roasting pan. It produced all sorts of sweets, for the restaurant. Oxen cartloads of guapurú, a typical fruit was used to make wine.

Our guest were mainly from abroad:
Their children, Mary, John, Dionisio, Angel, Blanca, Carmen and Elvio participated on the tasks of the hotel.

The Hotel also had a games room, which was next to the restaurant. Hotel had approximately 30 rooms occupying two houses. The Hotel Comercio facilities hospitality extended to the neighboring house, Calle Sucre no. 50, rented to Dr. Melchor Pinto.

1948: Dr. Elvio Foianini Banzer, married to Irma Gutierrez Velasco, bought a house on Calle Sucre No. 131 and decide to continue the family tradition of hospitality, changing its name from Hotel Comercio to Residencial Bolivar.

Residencial Bolivar, has currently 17 rooms, able to host up to 46 people.

The actual house has been named a Historical Heritage of the city of Santa Cruz. Also named the first Hotel of Santa Cruz.

Residencial Bolivar was built in 1830, retaining its Spanish-style colonial architecture with its circular columns, Spanish tile roof, adobe walls, lush vegetation in our yard at the side of the artesian well.

Characterized by its cleaness, central location, one block from the main plaza, a tropical garden that invites you to rest, laying in hamacs, excellent breakfast buffet and friendly staff, that will guide you to enjoy your stay and have the right and appropiate travel information while at our place.

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